Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Branch Got To Do With It?!

I don’t think I will ever understand the, “we are better than you” type of attitude between different military branches. Of course if you get a group of men together they will always have a bit of rivalry, but in the past week I have seen more of this type of attitude between military wives than I thought existed. In my search for information on how to prepare myself (although I know I’ll never be prepared) for this upcoming deployment I was saddened by the mean spirited banter of comments I found.

My husband is Air Guard, not a Marine, not a ‘full time’ Army soldier, and he is getting shipped out just like all the other military men who have headed over seas. He doesn’t have the comfort of the military paying his wages; he has to find a job in this economy and learn to survive just like anyone else. When I read a comment from an Army wife stating that any National Guard member doesn’t work as hard as her Soldier or another comment that the Air Force deployments are so short their families don’t know what it’s like to miss them like a Marine’s family, it hurts my heart. Aren't we are all going through the same thing? I was looking for encouragement and information on how to cope not a lecture about how “I could never understand”. I DO understand. I understand more than I would like.

I pray I am able to find some other military wives to go through this with who aren’t going to look at me as the ‘Air Force wife whose husband doesn’t work as hard as theirs’. Each job makes it possible for the others to work. None is better than another, maybe more dangerous, but not better.

Whether he is in the military band, a surgeon, a rescue jumper, a cable splicer or fights on the front line, our husbands are our hero’s and we miss them while they are away. PERIOD

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