Sunday, July 12, 2009

Party Like a Republican

Happy Happy Fourth of July!!

For the 4th this year I drove to Sacramento, CA to spend it with my family. My cousin 'Bella and I wanted to get some cute pictures, so here are a few that we got.

This red lipstick did not last long. After about an hour I spilled water on my face and wiped it with my hand, only to find that the lipstick had been transferred to my hand. Which of course only meant one was also all over my face. My Aunt laughingly told me to go to the bathroom and don't look at anyone. Once in the bathroom I saw what she saw. If only I would have taken my camera with me. Bahahaha I was HILARIOUS!!! Needless to say, that was the end of my patriotic lipstick for the day....possibly the year.

All the kids decorated their bikes for a very cute bicycle parade!
Here is a little snippet of the parade. "If you ain't first, you're last."

The general attire was very patriotic! (At least for the republicans)

Here they are in all of their matching glory.

Now I'm sure you are wondering, "What is that thing in the wheelbarrow, and what are they doing with it?". Well, that there is a home made water balloon cannon. This bad boy shot water balloons 5 houses down from the back yard with only 60lbs of pressure. Pretty fun I must say even though I did get rather wet from it's "friendly fire".
For your viewing enjoyment....

To end the night, what could be better than brownies and fireworks?!

As always, my trip was great and memorable. Who knows what next year will bring.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Amazing Week...Period

Last weekend I went to a Luau with Bobbi, Tammy, Chelsi and of course little Kinley. The weather was rather warm but not so hot that those embarrassing under boob sweat marks appeared. We had such a great time eating some Hawaiian food, singing a little karaoke, and just sitting by the river.
Andy graduated from Tech School on Tuesday. YAY!! I am so very proud of him!

I put on the most American/Supportive shirt that I had when I got home from work.

When Andy arrived in Georgia his family was there with balloons and signs. A welcome home I know he appreciated.