Saturday, April 26, 2008's the New Pink

I'm sad to say, today was the last day of adventure boot camp. I really didn't think that statement would ever come out of my mouth. Not only because I figured I would quit after the first week, but because I will actually miss working out at 5:30 am in the freezing cold. Something about the morning is so refreshing. Oh, and shaving off a minute nine from my mile in three weeks wasn't bad either. I am rather proud of myself! Eight months ago I couldn't run one lap around the track without feeling like I was going to DIE and stopping. Now I can run a mile in 10.15 (don't laugh...I'm new at this and that to me is a GREAT time).

I have to admit though, since I am doing a 5k next Saturday, I am worried. One mile is one thing....3.whatever is something completely different. I think it will be interesting to see how I do. I don't enjoy running but I know it's good for me. Something about that makes me feel better about life in general.

Well, tomorrow I get measured to see how much I lost (if anything) in the last four weeks so I'm going to try and stay awake to see at least 15 minutes of 13 Going on 30.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here is the Beginning of a Whole Lot of Nothing

Well looky here. I have a big girl blog.

When I decided to create this blog a few days ago I didn't really think about what I would call it. That is until the first step where it asked me..."URL Name". My first thought of course was..."Ummmm, well...crap". So after asking around and walking on the fence of using the word wedgie, I finally decided to call it Shades of Nonsense.

Stay tuned for everything you never really wanted to know about someone you know nothing about.