Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let the Count Down Begin

I'm 29.

I got married before I was a "practically 30". Go Me!!

Like last year, in which my birthday was spent packing up the last of my belongings, this year didn't really feel like a birthday. Maybe it's because I'm away from home or because we spent the weekend away for a makeshift honeymoon. (We didn't have a honeymoon after we got married and honestly our weekend away in Hilton Head didn't suffice my "honeymoon-esq" expectations. Note to self: research destination before booking getaway) Shoot, it could be simply because when you get "old" birthday's just aren't as exciting as they once were. I am pretty sure if I rented a jump house and a miniature pony for my 20-something birthday people would wonder things they need not wonder.

Enough about the getting older and on to the getting better. I have set some goals for myself that I find totally "achievable" by the time I'm ttthhhh ttthhh ttthhhirty.

1. Learn to cook better meals for my husband/future kidlets whether via cooking classes or trial and error hopefully without a fire extinguisher.

2. Get healthy. Just in general not necessarily lose weight, although that will be a requirement for this goal to be reached.

3. Train for a 10k that is to be completed upon the MOMD's return from deployment. (Due to the timing I'll have a few extra months to work on this)

4. Get us out of debt. Everything paid off with the exception of my car loan that will be almost paid off anyway.

5. Save Save Save! Enough said.

6. Plan and pay off a REAL Honeymoon for when my Hero comes home. (Destination suggestions welcomed)

7. Purchase a Canon 50D or equivalent and further my knowledge of photography.

8. Make two good, honest, real, spitfire friends here in GA to make life more fun.

9. Read four books on becoming a better wife and woman in general. (Giving myself three months for each book should be enough time...SHOULD BE fingers crossed)

Bonus: Teach at least one of the cats how to use the toilet. I have my preference but we will see which one takes to it.

My 30th is to be celebrated back home with the people who love me and know I'll party hard-ish till at least 2200 hours. Bahahaha

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