Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time Flys...Who Else Can Afford To?

Seems I haven't been diligent about keeping up this "big girl blog" I was SO excited to start. Just goes to show, well, that I'm a quitter by nature.

There are lists and lists of things that have happened in the past year that are blog worthy so I will try to catch you up on the important ones. (I will refrain from any talk about litter box disasters and work stories that could be million dollar episodes of The Office)

I will start with January and the fact that I am in complete denial with this 2009 business. Where have all the years gone? It seems like only yesterday I was sporting permed bangs, BUM sweatshirts and listening to Amy Grant. This year I will turn 28 which seems a lot like 30. My apologies to all of you who I used to refer to as 'old' when you were 30, I realize it soon will be me being called 'old'.

February brought one of the best gifts of my life. I met the man of my dreams! No, really, I did! He is my perfect match. He is also WAY wonderful! I could start a blog all about just him and the things he does that make me feel like a princess, but I will save you the taste of least for now.

March and April were fairly uneventful. Oh, except that I was asked to be in TWO weddings!! I'm am excited that I get to be a bridesmaid for once in my life. Both weddings are in August and I know these girls will look amazing! Now if only I could get rid of some of this back fat...

May couldn't have gotten here fast enough. I traveled to Texas for Memorial Day weekend to spend it with Andy (aka, Man of My Dreams, aka, MOMD). We also celebrated his 30th Birthday, which he welcomed with grace I only wish I had. This was by far the best vacation I have ever had. Andy you are amazing and I love you to pieces! (Hey, I prefaced that with "at least not for now" so I don't want to hear it!)

That brings us to June. See how fast that went?! I spent Father's Day...with my Father of course. We didn't really do anything but it's always nice to spend a day with your hero!

I guess that's going to be it for today/my yearly update. Here I go again...trying to keep up on this blog thinger.

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Miranda said...

I'm a follower let's keep each other motivated...with blogging that is! ;- )